details / four books, one pamphlet, 1 poster

In an effort to raise enrollment, a group of design students under the direction of Rick Valicenti concepted and developed a Viewbook for CCS. By means of high school visits and on-campus interviews, the CCS viewbook was broken into four seperate books for a complete interactive experience. The books are described separately, beneath each slideshow. The pieces in this package that I produced were the Success book, World Class, Application pamphlet, and the back of the poster.

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 All books layer on top of each other to create a step-effect, each incorporating the CCS logo in case of separation.

All books layer on top of each other to create a step-effect, each incorporating the CCS logo in case of separation.

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The 'World Class' or portfolio book opens with a quiz which helps students determine the major that is right for them. Every department in the school is represented in this book. Each department has an introduction page that explains that major and highlights a statistic about the field of art or design. The pages are edged in that departments color so the student always knows where they are in the book. These colored edges also act as a way-finding system from when the student takes the initial quiz.

The book is primarily made of 'glamor shots' of the best artwork from each department. If you were to tear down the side of one of these pages, you would see an image of the student who created it on the reverse side. Here, high school students can have a more personal connection with the student, and also see their work progress from high school to their current year at CCS.


The 'Success' book highlights the talent from CCS who have graduated already. These alumni have become successful in their respective fields. The cover shows a map of where all of our alumni have went after school. Number typefaces were designed by current CCS students to highlight the alumni's graduating year.


This pamphlet is inserted behind the portfolio book and highlights how a student should apply to CCS.


The Poster is inserted behind the Application Pamphlet with the intentions of being hung in a high school classroom. Faces were tiled with 'who's next' over it to push students to apply.



The investment book was designed to explain in detail how CCS has made extravagant investments in the school in order to improve education further.


The Detroit book provides future students a view of how CCS students interact with the city of Detroit and its residents.