CRAIN communications

details / system of parts

This collaboration consisted of defining the future of journalism for Crain Communications out of Detroit, MI. This system included online collaboration, buyer assist, live specifications and editorial applications that positioned Crain as the authority in the automotive industry while empowering the consumer with relevant information and tools regardless of media platform. 


The Automotive News Website re-design is one piece of a greater system of communication that is able to connect multiple modes of social media and devices to create a smooth user experience. The web-portion of this system of communication was designed in collaboration with Nicole Rzeppa and Somer Myers. This project taught superb collaboration skills, as well as a seamless system of communication.

CRAIN book

details / 7.5" x 10.5" / 112 pages / digital press

Crain Book is a refined process book that highlights major discoveries and conclusions to the Crain Communications sponsored projects. This book was designed to walk a reader through the process of a large collaborative project, as well as explain the complexity of this particular system of parts. The book is simple, yet well organized and emphasizes our final prototypes in a color signature. To ensure that the reader was able to grasp the full scale of the project, we inserted a DVD that contained both presentations, as well as an overview of the project. This book was a collaboration with Nicole Rzeppa. This process developed refined skills of organization as well as a professional understanding of the printing process.